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[MOL] Thanks LIZ P.

Dear LIz P,

          Elizabeth Patterson <eapat@ewa.net>

Thank you so much for your kind words. That made my day for sure, your

thank you.

God Bless


Elizabeth Patterson wrote:


> Marty

> What a good way to start the day. Good news is always a boost to the attitude.

> Liz P


> >Good Morning My Friends,

> >

> >Found the following message on Medscape. Have a great day all.

> >

> >God Bless

> >marty auslander

> >

> >o Oncology____________________________________________________

> >  <http://www.medscape.com/Medscape/public/MP/98/0724.html#07>

> >

> >  - Therapeutic Interventions in Breast Cancer: An Update

> >    ----------------------------------------------------------

> >    Novel approaches to treating breast cancer are being

> >    discovered through an enhanced understanding of the

> >    cellular biology of cancer cells. These innovative

> >    therapies hold the promise to alter the natural history

> >    of this disease and offer hope to the 180,000 individuals

> >    who will be affected by breast cancer in the US this

> >    year alone.

> >    [Medscape Oncology 1(4), 1998]
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