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[MOL] Values and Marriage Connection

Dear Christine,

            Christine <abcwacct@mail.cycor.ca>

YOu and your hubby certainly have the ingredients to a long, happy

relationship. Good for the two of you. Wish we could bottle these values

and virtues so that we can reduce the very toxic stress that comprises a

very bitter and toxic marriage. It seems that divorce rates, and

illnesses is so deep rooted in this country that the toxicity of many

marriages limits and inhibits the valued progress of not only children

growing with and receiving love, discipline and respect but the concerns

of many cancers and advanced conditions may be attributed to toxic

stress marriages. YOu certainly have hit on the key of how a good

marriage should exist. Now, how do we reach the world and all the men

and women and marriages that need to learn these great symbols and

guidelines to a happy relationship and marriage. I guess we continue to

get out the word as you do so well and much more in prayer.

Thank you Christine

God Bless

marty auslander

Christine wrote:


> My husband and I also rarely argue. I think our secret is basically having

> the same values, morals, ideas on life and childrearing, etc as well as a

> mutual respect and trust for each other. An important skill as well is

> being able to step back and look at the bigger picture. How important is

> this potential argument in the grand scheme of things. Is it really worth

> arguing over? Most things are not. Sometimes you just have to agree to

> disagree. So there are my words of wisdom for the day! LOL.

> Christine


> At 11:31 AM 26/07/98 -0400, you wrote:

> >Very good message dear bro.; but how not to bicker and argue is the secret

> >passage that we need to know also.  Not that my husband and I bicker or

> argue.

> >LOL!  Actually is is rare; because with cancer I've learned that he is more

> >important than any silly argument over nothing.  Thanks your sis, Lillian

> >
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