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[MOL] re: Mary Gomez

Auntie, will you forward this to Mary Gomez, please?
Dear Mary,
We have never personally corresponded, but my name is Sally Tilson.  I am caregiver to a 42 year old husband who had a diagnosis of squamos cell carcinoma to the throat (tonsil) with an initial good prognosis in Dec 1977.  In this last 6 months, this cancer has spread so aggressively, we are now out of treatment options and he is spending his final days at home with the help of Houston Hospice.  He has outlived their predictions by a week so far, but we can all see the tumors cropping up everywhere.
The reason why I give you this brief history is that in the next few days, weeks, when Charlie does pass, I will need MOL more than ever.  I am a victim, too....you do not expect the love of your life to die when you are 40 years old.   As a caregiver, you are also a victim and there will be people like me for you to dialog with.  Healing will be better with insight of others going through the same situation.
And with Charlie under my care 24 hours a day 7 days a week, forgive me if your message slipped by me the first time.  I am asking Lillian to get this to you, so that you will know it's important for you to stick around.
Your friend,