[MOL] Very Sad! [13163] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Very Sad!

Dear Fellow Molers:  From time to time I check in on molers that have placed queries and talked a little to us, Mary was one of these folks.  Yesterday, I sent out many little notes to check on our people and here is one of the returns.  It truly saddened me when she wrote " I figured I would go away quietly".  I have responded in sympathy to her; but if there is any one else out there that would be so inclined just to send a few kind words please do so, I have included her address.  Thanks, Lillian "MARY F GOMEZ" <MARYGOGO@prodigy.net


My mom passed away on June 29th and I unsubscribed soon after.  I didn't
want to e-mail everyone and always give bad news so I figured I would
quietly go away.