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[MOL] Les, Peggy and Lynette

My Dear Friend Les,

Though I have not written to you in a few days, you have been on my mind 
and in my prayers.  I even offered my Sunday services for your recovery. 
 I miss you and need to feel your presence again on mol as we all do.  
You are a very special person and there is no one else in the universe 
like you...who else would bike all that way to work!!! LOL  I keep 
looking at your picture on mol and smiling at that wonderful gleam in 
your eye and wishing for the day that we can meet and swap stories of 
past lives that have brought us to today.  Soon my friend...in the 
meantime, get well, enjoy the care and nursing that you are receiving 
from Peg and your children...especially Lynette...you must be very proud.

God Bless you Les and know that you are in my daily prayers.  Love.
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