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RE: [MOL] Corporate Health Care...Oxymoron of the 90's

Dear John,

Your email reminded me of an incident that happened to my
brother last fall.  His two-year-old daughter was sick with the
flu, and had a particularily rough day, so in the evening he and
his wife were calling the Hopital and describing the situation
to them, that "she looks just awful--she hasn't been keeping any
liquids down."  The Doctor, instructed to keep emergency visits
down to a minimum--those that are really needed, invariably
replied "give her liquids and bring her in to see us in the morning."

After many calls to the Doctor, they couldn't stand it any longer
and took their daughter in to the emergency room anyways.
Two hours later she was dead.  I heard they were unable to get
an IV into her--(I really don't know much about this stuff.)

It was such a terrible shock.  Of course she was the sweetest
child that we'd ever known.  The Doctor himself was agonized
by what happened, and explained that it was due to HMO 
policies.  I'm sorry, I'm passing this on as hearsay rather than
personal witness, so I may have a detail or two missing.  Of
course I was there for the funeral and so forth, but I wasn't there
to listen to the Doctor tell his side of the story.

There really does need to be limits on the Big Business aspects
of our medical care.



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My Dear mol family,

I ran across this article today and thought that it summarized what has 
been happening to our "Health Care System" in the United States.  Some of 
you may recall that I had mentioned I was a hospital administrator at one 
time.  The transition to "The Business Model of Medicine" refered to by 
Dr. Lown is the reason that I left hospital for research administration. 
 Just last year, I was talking with the head of a prestegious Pediatric 
Department in a major NYC medical center.  When asked how medicine was 
doing as compared to the 70's when we first met, he responded "VERY 
CORPORATE".  How very sad.

I will be interested in the reaction of others to this transition from 
"medical care" to "medical management".  Keep in mind that we all have a 
voice and that voice needs to be heard in Washington.

God Bless.
John << File: HMOCARE.HTM >> 

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