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Dear Lillian,

Well, I'm no expert.  But from what I've seen, part of the detox is to give
patients some kind of sedative-like drug to make the detox easier and
reduce withdrawal systems.  It is admittedly something I would only want an
expert to evaluate.  But my experience has only been seeing people in
psychiatric hospitals.  The door is locked, there's nowhere much to go.  So
you're not really in a situation where somebody would be trying to control
themselves by white knuckling it, as they say.  There is a physical length
of time after which a person's body is detoxified from alcohol.  They will
always be in recovery, as they say, as I like to think I will be for many a
moon in recovery from cancer!

Lots of Love, Lillian,

Your friend,

Martha Cerreto  

From: lillian jennings <firefly@islc.net>
To: Martha S. Cerreto <MJTCERRETO@prodigy.net>
Subject: Good Points!
Date: Monday, July 27, 1998 3:18 PM

Debate time!  I love a good debate.....statement: DETOX THEM FROM THE
ALCOHOL>   Then an expert can analyze the personality that's left. I
believe there is such a thing as dry alcoholism that can go on for
months and months?  Is this correct?  If this is the case then their
personality has not changed and is mentaly still under the influence, am
I correct?  However the more I read about Rich, I am thinking
skizofrantic (excuse spelling), what is your opinion on this?  Have a
great day, your friend, Lillian



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