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Re: [MOL] Marty

Dear Marty & Barb

Marty, I just read several of your posts and wanted to let you know the
information is great and should be really helpful to those cancering.  The
Vit E post was right on target.
When I was in emergency room few weeks ago the ER Dr was great,
slow night (LOL) and we talked about alternatives.  We talked about
Co enzyme Q10. She asked me if I had heard about it.  She was
shocked that I was taking it, along with vit E and Kyolic garlic.  She
said the Co Q10 was wonderful for the heart.
She talked about the immune system and the importance of keeping
it up while on chemo and radiation.  She was truly interesting.
I wish I had tape recorded the conversation, I was rather tired at the
So sorry that Les is having so many problems.  If I have learned
anything from this journey it is to remember the patient knows
their body better than the Dr.  so insist upon another test, see
another Dr until you find out what is causing the problem.  Dr's
are to involved in their own schedule to really look at each patient
and listen with their brain to what is being said.  I think it was
you who posted the "assembly line DR post".  if not, sorry.  Anyway
there is a lot of truth in that.
I was really impressed with a post I saw from Donna, her conversation
with Dr about her determination to beat this monster.  She really
has it right, you have to get their attention.  Gene's Onc never liked
my questions when I would go with Gene for weekly checkup.  You
would not believe how much he dislikes me now.  I'm sure he intends
to reverse his prior statements if I get his butt on my assembly line.
I will be in St Louis another couple months.  Morgan's wedding is
Sept 26th in New Orleans, she's upset with me that I haven't been
more focused on the wedding.  I have spent a lot of time working
on that wedding and continue to make arrangements.  That's the
weekend of the Cancer March in D.C.
Your gathering in NY sounds wonderful, I would really love to attend
and meet everyone, but that's the weekend prior to wedding and
just to much is happening.
Really miss our conversations and would really like to get to know
the new molers but hopefully when I get back I can contribute again.
Give Barb a big hug for me and lots of love to you both.
God Bless
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