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[MOL] Christine--my email

Hi Christine....

This morning I made the mistake of turning on my computer
at home and it downloaded 158 email messages, and then
due to my darn state of good health, I hadda go to work before
I got to read about four or five of them!

One of them was yours, Christine, and I was right in the middle
of adding your bio to the website when the fire-alarms went off
and I hadda leave for work--I'll get it tonight.

As for your photo, I'm such a diz-brain that I'd almost bet you
probably sent it to me before--I kinda remember you explaining
that it wasn't very current, and that you were trying to get a
current one.  I'm really sorry that I'm not more organized!

I had a really busy weekend, didn't get in even a small portion
of my daily fixes of MOL, was having serious withdrawal
symptoms this morning.  When I had no choice but to shut
down and leave for work I was feeling like I was having a 
terrible, no-good, rotton day.

Wish I had about five or six hours per day to do nothing but
hang around here in MOL.


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