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[MOL] Lillian

Calling Lillian....A friend of mine on my Decluttr mailing list just
asked people there to pray for her husband who will get a cat scan today.
 Apparently his biopsy showed he has Esophegal (sp?) cancer.  I
recommended to her that she join the MOL-Cancer mailing list for support.
 Do you have the exact url for it?  Also, can you send me your
introductory info. that you distribute to everyone else?  And is there
anyone on the list who has esophegal cancer (I think there was?), so I
can let her know it?  Thanks.
P.S.  Doing alright today, but my knee really hurts!  Did I tell you
about my biking accident yesterday?  Sylvia would really laugh at this. 
My daughter and I were  out biking and I stopped of in my neighbor's
steep slanting driveway to chat.  Shannon had just ridden back up beside
me when my neighbor's son Kent came riding up to say his sister had
fallen on her bike.  Well Connie, my neighbor, ran off to help her
daughter and I told Shannon, "O.k., let's go.  Turn your bike around." 
Then, as I tried to turn my bike around, I promptly lost my balance and
fell over sideways - onto Shannon and her bike, which toppled over in a
domino effect.  When Connie returned she found both of us on the ground
with Shannon crying hysterically (even though she wasn't hurt, only
scared) and my knee bleeding profusely.  Boy, did I feel sheepish!  And,
of course, her son Kent kept remarking at "all of the blood pouring from
my knee!"  It was rather comical.  What's even funnier is that Michael
had taken a spill in our driveway just before Shannon and I left to go
bike riding.  I felt a little like a part of the 3 stooges!  Connie fixed
me up with ointment and bandaids and even "laid hands" on me (passed her
hands back & forth over my knee to help it heal faster/she is heavy into
the "Healing Hands," thing).  Then I returned home, put some ice on my
quickly growing bruise and then went upstairs to rest and fell asleep. 
My knee still hurts today and it's stiff - but if this is my worst
problem I'm doing pretty well, huh? :-)
Shannon says she still loves me, though.  Don't know how soon she'll go
biking with me again, though. LOL
P.S.S.  There's another woman on my decluttr group who says the daughter
of one of her friends is going for a biopsy (has cancer in her family),
so you might want to put her in your prayers, too, if you don't mind.

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