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Re: [MOL] ***UCI Proud as a Peacock of its New Radiation Therapy

Hi Mary,
Did Dr.  Lederman return your call.  I never had any response from him from
the phone messages or the e-mail I sent him.  I had to take Don into ER
tonight with abdominal pain.  They done some tests and ruled out life or
death, gave him a shot of Demerol, he has to go back to have a CAT-scan of the
brain, chest and abdomen at noon tomorrow.  The ER Dr. thought she heard
cancer in both lungs, I didn't know you could hear it.  I am so tired and
drained.  I was so hoping he would be doing good enough for me to go to
Oklahoma, I guess the CAT-scan will tell me what to do.  The Dr. will take me
to the Hospital to see the films in the afternoon.  I don't like the thought
of him going through Radiation, I am really afraid of it.  I was really hoping
that Dr. Gil Lederman would have responded.  Here I am just rambling on about
my problems and you have a bunch of your own.  Let me know how you make out.
I'm so tired, I am just going to bed and set my clock to get up at 12:30am to
give Don his meds for the CAT-scan.
Love and prayers to you and yours,
In a message dated 7/26/98 3:58:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I also received copies of Angelo's, CT Scan and x-ray from his oncologist
 to mail to Dr. Lederman.  I will mail them off tomorrow.  I wish we
 could join you guys in New York.  Who knows maybe Dr. Lederman will
 want to see us around that time.
 God Bless,
 Mary >>
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