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Hi, Vicci...part of the intensity of his moods may be his youth or lack
of maturity, but it occurs to me that it might be more than that. You
may want to have him evaluated for bi-polar disorder (used to be called
manic depression). I have been around a lot of this, and I have wondered
since you first started sharing your challenges with him if this might
not be an element (I used to be married to one, and yes, they can be
very charming!). Just a thought, because it sounds like the cancer is
just one small part of his battle. Love, Joicy

Vicci Ewen wrote:
> Hi Joicy,  Thank you for the kudos!  It seems that every day has it's ups
> and down with him and we are all ( his girlfriend of seven years, me and
> dad) right on top of him.  Only if he starts in do we let him know exactly
> how we feel about what he doing or saying or acting.  Maybe one of these
> days IT will sink in.  I have to admit after going thru this for weeks now
> that he's the same immature person he was before surgery.  That's whats
> helping me now.  I've figured out that he has a great outlook about his
> situation ( or has disregarded it totally) and he is the very same person
> he was before.  I don't want him to be depressed or worried every second
> about the cancer so I guess I can be glad that he's the same pain in the
> butt as he was before C.
> Also I've figured out that his emotions take to the highest level.  When
> he's happy he VERY happy, if mean then VERY mean, if helpful then VERY
> helpful.  There is nothing low key about Rich.  This C is helping me to
> know my very own kid like never before.  And he can change moods VERY
> quickly and OFTEN.  I always loved the roller coaster at the Long Beach
> pike and at Magic Mountain but this is one roller coaster ride I wish had a
> few less ups and downs.  Thanks, Joicy for the good advice.  It really does
> help to have different perspectives.   Love ya    Vicci
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