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Re: [MOL] to Jenny

Hi, Jenny,
Awhile back, I did some substitute teaching for alternative ed., and it
was a great experience; hard, yes, but rewarding. How wonderful that
they have someone like you who can enjoy it and care for them! they are
very lucky to have you. You have a great day too. Love, Joicy wrote:
> I teach high school, alternative ed.  This is when kids are no longer accepted
> in the regular school system for a variety of reasons, such as absenteeism,
> drugs, behavior problems, emotional problems and criminal problems and a
> variety of other things.  Many students are judicated from the courts to go to
> my school.  It is a different kind of educational environment but a great one.
> Many of these students just need someone to care for them.  You don't win with
> all but you do with many and you see what you are doing take affect.  I love
> it far better than traditional education.  Have a great day.
> Jenny
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