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Re: [MOL] Joicy

Christine wrote:
Christine, it makes total sense. As a cancerer myself, (and also due to
a bad back), THE hardest thing for me is feeling helpless and useless.
The gift my docs gave me during the worst of it was to have new patients
with similar diagnosis call me with their questions, and for moral
support. It made me feel less dependent, that I could still do
something. And we all need to feel we're still making a contribution
somehow. I think this is one of the great gifts of the MOL forum. 

And I'll let you in on a little secret...every time I've ever opened
myself up to someone in need,  I have received far, far more than I have
given. God uses unusual ways to bring us together with the people we
need to know, to touch us, challenge us, and teach us how to love more
fully. So don't be afraid to give this a will be blessed for
it, as will your neighbor. You both will be in my prayers, Christine.
Love, Joicy.
> Joicy,
> Must be the training because Marney (the minister next door) has told me
> the same thing. She also told me that Irene (the lady I want to visit)
> wants me to come over. She is a very optimistic, spirited woman. Irene
> feels she may be of support to me which will be good for her. Even if I
> feel I have nothing to offer her, by helping me, she will be helping
> herself. Does that make any sense to you? Maybe you can explain it better.
> Thanks for the reinforcement.
> Christine
> At 09:22 PM 23/07/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Christine, don't be afraid to do of the most important things
> >I ever learned when doing pastoral training in a hospital was that we do
> >not have to "fix" things for people. The wise pastor I worked with, who
> >is still my mentor, would have me just sit with folks, some of them on
> >life support, where I could do nothing except "be" with them. He taught
> >me that the act of simply being with someone can be a very healing gift.
> >You don't even have to say much of anything. You're being there can say
> >it all. You and your neighbor will be in my prayers. Love, Joicy
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