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You are sharp to remember; but yes it is, they monitor our line to get e-mail
addresses and then sell over the net.  There is not much Mol can do about this;
however they are not allowed to sell    through the MOL line.  Then we get lucky
with the scamming also.  HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS SATURDAY?  Your friend, Lillian wrote:

> Okay everyone, bear with me for a minute... Below is a copy of an e-mail I
> just received in my personal box.  Is this the guy that was on here when I
> first came on?  I think I caught the tail end of a "get out" conversation.
> The E-mail is as follows:
> Subj:   Cancer Survivors Relate Their Experiences
> Date:   98-07-23 02:38:43 EDT
> From:   Grandtime
> To:     Hvac mr
> BCC:    Smb1970
> Until angiostatin/endostatin are available, which is 3 - 5 years away, there
> is Tahitian Noni Juice for you to try.  Regardless of the type of cancer
> involved.  Please consider the following:
> PERSONAL CANCER TESTI-NONI-ALS - Cancer Survivors Relate Their Experiences
>  (Morinda™, Inc. and its distributors make no curative claims about the
> product.)
> Can Tahitian Noni Juice™ Help You,  Or Someone You Know?
> "In October, 1985 I was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer, left side,
> which had spread into the left colon. I was given 6 weeks to live.
> Two chemo treatments put me in a coma for 33 days. In January, 1987, I had a
> total hysterectomy to remove the remaining tumor and I also underwent bowel
> restructuring. The chemo and drugs caused great side effects; 73% hearing loss
> in my left ear and 25% hearing loss in my right ear, loss of all high pitched
> sounds, a constant ringing and roaring in my left ear, loss of almost all
> moisture in my eyes, a balance problem and a problem with standing or walking
> especially at night.
> I had extreme mental, emotional, and physical trauma, along with numbness in
> my legs from the knees down, extreme leg pain (severe soreness) and
> restlessness all the time, but more especially at night, also had severe
> insomnia.
> The massive amount of corrective surgery to remove the remaining tumor and the
> total hysterectomy left massive adhesions in my colon and small intestines
> with a problem emptying my bladder plus other things. In 1987 I began my slow
> climb to recover my health. I began to research and read much material for
> help and health. I tried many, many things, all kinds of supplements, etc.
> Some helped a little--some didn't. Although I had changed my diet, because of
> the extreme amount of adhesions in the small intestine and colon, I was in
> constant pain (gas pain) and was afraid to eat much.
> It has been 11 long years and the pace was so slow but gradually things began
> to change somewhat for the better. I found out about a wonderful fiber that
> didn't hurt my colon, which was a great improvement. But, on January 25, 1997,
> about a month ago, someone told me about Tahitian Noni Juice!!  I started
> taking 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. About 2 weeks later, I noticed my legs and
> feet were not hurting  anymore and my right leg and arthritic knee did not
> hurt. I am 58 years old.
> I am starting to have more feeling in my legs and feet and have more strength
> in them. I am walking up and down stairs with out help and my balance is much
> better now. The noise in my left ear has lessened considerably and I believe
> there is a slight improvement in my hearing. I am sleeping better, have a lot
> more energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being. I am hoping for more
> improvements!
> I am telling people about what I have been doing and about feeling better. I
> am so thankful for this wonderful fruit juice and I thank my Heavenly Father
> for creating it and the Morinda company."
> Carolyn J. Madison
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> "I live in a very small resort town in Arkansas. Three years ago I had a
> mammogram, and it showed a small shadow and what the doctor called a
> "thickening in the breast", and said they would have to keep a close watch on
> it. On November 12, 1996, right before Thanksgiving I went in for another
> mammogram. The diagnosis this time was a large lump 5-1/2" centimeters about
> the size of a silver dollar. Then they did an ultrasound, and it showed the
> same thing, large and bright. I was told I had to get a biopsy, but I wanted
> to wait until after Thanksgiving as we were going out of town to Texas to
> visit our children.
> Before we left a friend of mine brought me a bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice and
> said "Drink this, and perhaps when you go for the biopsy it will not be
> there." I had been praying for help for the situation I was facing, so I
> doubled up on the amount I was taking, and in the next 3 weeks I drank 1-1/2
> bottles of Noni Juice. I wasn't going to take any chance of not drinking
> enough for it to help me.
> When we came back from our trip to Texas I went in to have the biopsy. The
> surgeon felt for the lump but could not feel anything. Then he took another
> mammogram. They sent me to another hospital in Springfield, Missouri where
> they took 3 more mammograms (in a row) trying to find something. But they
> found nothing--not even a small spot. Then they did 2 more ultrasounds that
> same day and found nothing. The doctor said, ‘You have had a miracle!' And I
> said, ‘Yes, PRAISE GOD, it's the Noni. They all (the doctors and nurses)
> wanted to know "What is Noni???" I told them about Noni and then said to them,
> ‘I will always drink Noni Juice and so should everyone else.' What a Blessing!
> Thank you Morinda for your Tahitian Noni Juice."
> Betty Peters
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> "Last year(1996) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had six rounds of
> chemotherapy and was in bed for a week after each treatment.  Each time I
> started to get better, it was time for another round of chemotherapy.  I was
> scheduled to have breast surgery a month after my last treatment.  My body was
> so weak that I didn't feel strong enough to even survive the surgery.
> Then I heard about Tahitian Noni Juice and started taking it a week after my
> last treatment.  I wanted to boost my immune system to get my body ready for
> surgery.  It worked--when I went in for surgery, I had plenty of energy.  I
> had a bilateral mastectomy on the left side and a lateral one on the right,
> and I came through it great.  I was home by the third day!
> I was feeling so good that I thought I had too much noni {juice} in my system
> and should cut back a bit, but I was wrong.  When I didn't take as much noni
> {juice} as I needed, I felt like I was dragging.  I started taking my normal
> amount again and felt better in three or four days.  Today, I still have a lot
> of energy and feel clear-headed.  I even finished all the ironing I hadn't
> touched in almost a year.
> I have a lot of friends drinking Tahitian Noni Juice and they're just amazed
> at how much better they feel.  My stepdaughter's friend was diagnosed with
> cancer of the lungs and throat and given twelve weeks to live.  I gave her a
> case of noni juice and a month later the doctor couldn't find any trace of the
> cancer.
> We don't go anywhere without our Tahitian Noni Juice.  It's wonderful."
> Bobbye Patterson
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> "A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I had decided
> years ago that if I ever had cancer, I would not have surgery, chemotherapy or
> radiation. I took Homeopathics and herbs faithfully.
> I took Noni like it was going out of style, 8-12 ounces per day. Then, I was
> still a little nervous. I know a doctor in Mexico who has a remarkable history
> of Cancer cure, and cure of many other degenerative diseases.
> I made an appointment to see him just before Christmas. He ran tests and said
> to me that there was no sign of cancer. I let him know that I had been working
> hard in fighting the cancer.
> So, along with Tahitian Noni Juice, Homeopathics and divine intervention, I
> was cured."
> Carol Turley, Washington
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> Dr. Harrison received her degree from the University of Maryland and went on
> to become the assistant dean of Boston University School of Medicine.  As
> chief medical officer for D.C. General Hospital, she directed the trauma
> center, emergency center, and outpatient services.  She currently specializes
> in pediatrics and family medicine.
> Dr. Mona Harrison, M.D. wrote:
> "One of my patients was suffering from kidney cancer with metastases, or the
> movement of malignant cells, to her lung and brain.  She had been given only
> two weeks to live.  Within that two-week period, she took Tahitian Noni Juice
> and it cleared up her lung lesions...Another patient had liver cancer and a
> swelling of fluid in the abdominal area.  After seven days on Tahitian Noni
> Juice this ascitic fluid cleared up completely.  She and the first case I
> mentioned were terminally ill cancer patients who no one anticipated would
> make it, but they are alive today because of noni."
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> Dr. Delbert Hatton earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer
> College of Chiropractic. He also has a bachelor's degree in biology.
> "For about forty years, I had a constant nagging ache in my lower back from
> unevenly formed vertebrae. The pain prevented me from doing even normal
> household activities. After only six weeks of taking Tahitian Noni Juice, the
> pain disappeared.
> I began recommending noni to my patients last fall. Since then I have had
> nothing but success with it. The most amazing situation I know of is a woman
> with AIDS. Since she has been drinking noni, her T-cell count has gone from
> 169 to 400 and her symptoms have stabilized. I also have a relative with lung
> cancer whose tumors have decreased in size since he's been taking noni.
> I attribute this to the noni fruit's ability to open up the cell wall,
> allowing nutrients to be absorbed and waste material to dissipate from
> diseased or damaged cells.  I have seen incredible results among my patients
> and others who have used noni. I would recommend Tahitian Noni Juice to anyone
> with any kind of health problem."
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> (This is included as relevant)
> "When we first started dispensing Tahitian Noni Juice (Morinda citrifolia) at
> our clinic, the Limehouse Veterinary Clinic of Holistic Medicine, I was very
> selective and used it only in cases of cancer. A high percentage of the
> clients reported back that their animals were acting very young and
> playful--more so than in a long time. In a few cases, some tumors actually
> regressed--a squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva of an old Laborador
> Retriever shrunk by 1/2 its original size; In a dog with multiple lipomes,
> several have decreased in size and some have even resolved; an
> undifferentiated mammary tumor on another dog is almost non-palpable within 1
> month."
> John B. Limehouse, DVM, CVA
> ~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*~»§«~*
> ~»§«~
> Can Tahitian Noni Juice™ Help You,
> Or Someone You Know?
> For more information on Noni Juice and how it may help you, call the following
> Independent Distributor  (Morinda™, Inc. and its distributors make no curative
> claims about the product):   RICH KUCHINSKY    801-571-3117
> e-mail  (Rich Kuchinsky)  International inquiries welcome.
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