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Re: [MOL] Have you heard of this?

Thanks for support and questions--I am at a distance and don't have a way to
get the kind of information I would like to be more specific. He does have
adenocarcinoma, unknown origin, "growing for a long time".  He has just
started with an oncologist as was only diagnosed a few weeks ago.. hasn't
gotten a second opinion yet because he was put into chemo right away to help
with pain and he thought they'd wait for cat scan results following second
round to see if chemo helping.  The oncol. office sent him for x-rays and bone
scan when his rib/chest pain just couldn't be controlled.
The dire diagnosis(less time, cracked ribs from cancer/tumor growth?) came
from their long time primary care physician who checked on the tests for them
-- they will get the oncologist's view on Monday so I will let you know more
Sheila S.
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