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Okay everyone, bear with me for a minute... Below is a copy of an e-mail I
just received in my personal box.  Is this the guy that was on here when I
first came on?  I think I caught the tail end of a "get out" conversation.

The E-mail is as follows:

Subj:	Cancer Survivors Relate Their Experiences
Date:	98-07-23 02:38:43 EDT
From:	Grandtime
To:	Hvac mr
BCC:	Smb1970

Until angiostatin/endostatin are available, which is 3 - 5 years away, there
is Tahitian Noni Juice for you to try.  Regardless of the type of cancer
involved.  Please consider the following:

PERSONAL CANCER TESTI-NONI-ALS - Cancer Survivors Relate Their Experiences

 (Morinda™, Inc. and its distributors make no curative claims about the
Can Tahitian Noni Juice™ Help You,  Or Someone You Know?

"In October, 1985 I was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer, left side,
which had spread into the left colon. I was given 6 weeks to live.

Two chemo treatments put me in a coma for 33 days. In January, 1987, I had a
total hysterectomy to remove the remaining tumor and I also underwent bowel
restructuring. The chemo and drugs caused great side effects; 73% hearing loss
in my left ear and 25% hearing loss in my right ear, loss of all high pitched
sounds, a constant ringing and roaring in my left ear, loss of almost all
moisture in my eyes, a balance problem and a problem with standing or walking
especially at night.

I had extreme mental, emotional, and physical trauma, along with numbness in
my legs from the knees down, extreme leg pain (severe soreness) and
restlessness all the time, but more especially at night, also had severe

The massive amount of corrective surgery to remove the remaining tumor and the
total hysterectomy left massive adhesions in my colon and small intestines
with a problem emptying my bladder plus other things. In 1987 I began my slow
climb to recover my health. I began to research and read much material for
help and health. I tried many, many things, all kinds of supplements, etc.
Some helped a little--some didn't. Although I had changed my diet, because of
the extreme amount of adhesions in the small intestine and colon, I was in
constant pain (gas pain) and was afraid to eat much.

It has been 11 long years and the pace was so slow but gradually things began
to change somewhat for the better. I found out about a wonderful fiber that
didn't hurt my colon, which was a great improvement. But, on January 25, 1997,
about a month ago, someone told me about Tahitian Noni Juice!!  I started
taking 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. About 2 weeks later, I noticed my legs and
feet were not hurting  anymore and my right leg and arthritic knee did not
hurt. I am 58 years old.

I am starting to have more feeling in my legs and feet and have more strength
in them. I am walking up and down stairs with out help and my balance is much
better now. The noise in my left ear has lessened considerably and I believe
there is a slight improvement in my hearing. I am sleeping better, have a lot
more energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being. I am hoping for more

I am telling people about what I have been doing and about feeling better. I
am so thankful for this wonderful fruit juice and I thank my Heavenly Father
for creating it and the Morinda company."

Carolyn J. Madison


"I live in a very small resort town in Arkansas. Three years ago I had a
mammogram, and it showed a small shadow and what the doctor called a
"thickening in the breast", and said they would have to keep a close watch on
it. On November 12, 1996, right before Thanksgiving I went in for another
mammogram. The diagnosis this time was a large lump 5-1/2" centimeters about
the size of a silver dollar. Then they did an ultrasound, and it showed the
same thing, large and bright. I was told I had to get a biopsy, but I wanted
to wait until after Thanksgiving as we were going out of town to Texas to
visit our children.

Before we left a friend of mine brought me a bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice and
said "Drink this, and perhaps when you go for the biopsy it will not be
there." I had been praying for help for the situation I was facing, so I
doubled up on the amount I was taking, and in the next 3 weeks I drank 1-1/2
bottles of Noni Juice. I wasn't going to take any chance of not drinking
enough for it to help me.

When we came back from our trip to Texas I went in to have the biopsy. The
surgeon felt for the lump but could not feel anything. Then he took another
mammogram. They sent me to another hospital in Springfield, Missouri where
they took 3 more mammograms (in a row) trying to find something. But they
found nothing--not even a small spot. Then they did 2 more ultrasounds that
same day and found nothing. The doctor said, ‘You have had a miracle!' And I
said, ‘Yes, PRAISE GOD, it's the Noni. They all (the doctors and nurses)
wanted to know "What is Noni???" I told them about Noni and then said to them,
‘I will always drink Noni Juice and so should everyone else.' What a Blessing!
Thank you Morinda for your Tahitian Noni Juice."

Betty Peters


"Last year(1996) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had six rounds of
chemotherapy and was in bed for a week after each treatment.  Each time I
started to get better, it was time for another round of chemotherapy.  I was
scheduled to have breast surgery a month after my last treatment.  My body was
so weak that I didn't feel strong enough to even survive the surgery.  

Then I heard about Tahitian Noni Juice and started taking it a week after my
last treatment.  I wanted to boost my immune system to get my body ready for
surgery.  It worked--when I went in for surgery, I had plenty of energy.  I
had a bilateral mastectomy on the left side and a lateral one on the right,
and I came through it great.  I was home by the third day!

I was feeling so good that I thought I had too much noni {juice} in my system
and should cut back a bit, but I was wrong.  When I didn't take as much noni
{juice} as I needed, I felt like I was dragging.  I started taking my normal
amount again and felt better in three or four days.  Today, I still have a lot
of energy and feel clear-headed.  I even finished all the ironing I hadn't
touched in almost a year.

I have a lot of friends drinking Tahitian Noni Juice and they're just amazed
at how much better they feel.  My stepdaughter's friend was diagnosed with
cancer of the lungs and throat and given twelve weeks to live.  I gave her a
case of noni juice and a month later the doctor couldn't find any trace of the

We don't go anywhere without our Tahitian Noni Juice.  It's wonderful."

Bobbye Patterson


"A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I had decided
years ago that if I ever had cancer, I would not have surgery, chemotherapy or
radiation. I took Homeopathics and herbs faithfully.

I took Noni like it was going out of style, 8-12 ounces per day. Then, I was
still a little nervous. I know a doctor in Mexico who has a remarkable history
of Cancer cure, and cure of many other degenerative diseases.

I made an appointment to see him just before Christmas. He ran tests and said
to me that there was no sign of cancer. I let him know that I had been working
hard in fighting the cancer.

So, along with Tahitian Noni Juice, Homeopathics and divine intervention, I
was cured."
Carol Turley, Washington 

Dr. Harrison received her degree from the University of Maryland and went on
to become the assistant dean of Boston University School of Medicine.  As
chief medical officer for D.C. General Hospital, she directed the trauma
center, emergency center, and outpatient services.  She currently specializes
in pediatrics and family medicine.

Dr. Mona Harrison, M.D. wrote:	
"One of my patients was suffering from kidney cancer with metastases, or the
movement of malignant cells, to her lung and brain.  She had been given only
two weeks to live.  Within that two-week period, she took Tahitian Noni Juice
and it cleared up her lung lesions...Another patient had liver cancer and a
swelling of fluid in the abdominal area.  After seven days on Tahitian Noni
Juice this ascitic fluid cleared up completely.  She and the first case I
mentioned were terminally ill cancer patients who no one anticipated would
make it, but they are alive today because of noni." 


Dr. Delbert Hatton earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer
College of Chiropractic. He also has a bachelor's degree in biology.  

"For about forty years, I had a constant nagging ache in my lower back from
unevenly formed vertebrae. The pain prevented me from doing even normal
household activities. After only six weeks of taking Tahitian Noni Juice, the
pain disappeared.

I began recommending noni to my patients last fall. Since then I have had
nothing but success with it. The most amazing situation I know of is a woman
with AIDS. Since she has been drinking noni, her T-cell count has gone from
169 to 400 and her symptoms have stabilized. I also have a relative with lung
cancer whose tumors have decreased in size since he's been taking noni.

I attribute this to the noni fruit's ability to open up the cell wall,
allowing nutrients to be absorbed and waste material to dissipate from
diseased or damaged cells.  I have seen incredible results among my patients
and others who have used noni. I would recommend Tahitian Noni Juice to anyone
with any kind of health problem."


(This is included as relevant)
"When we first started dispensing Tahitian Noni Juice (Morinda citrifolia) at
our clinic, the Limehouse Veterinary Clinic of Holistic Medicine, I was very
selective and used it only in cases of cancer. A high percentage of the
clients reported back that their animals were acting very young and
playful--more so than in a long time. In a few cases, some tumors actually
regressed--a squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva of an old Laborador
Retriever shrunk by 1/2 its original size; In a dog with multiple lipomes,
several have decreased in size and some have even resolved; an
undifferentiated mammary tumor on another dog is almost non-palpable within 1

John B. Limehouse, DVM, CVA


Can Tahitian Noni Juice™ Help You,
Or Someone You Know?

For more information on Noni Juice and how it may help you, call the following
Independent Distributor  (Morinda™, Inc. and its distributors make no curative
claims about the product):   RICH KUCHINSKY    801-571-3117
e-mail Grandtime@aol.com  (Rich Kuchinsky)  International inquiries welcome.
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