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[MOL] joke

Have a good Saturday! Love, Joicy


        A new department store announced that it was going to give  out
free TVs
to the first 100 people who came to the store  on its Grand Opening Day.
        The store was scheduled to open at 9:00 am, but people were
camped out in front of the store by 6:00 am, determined to receive their
free TV.
        When it was almost 9:00 am, a little old man walked up to the
front of
the line, and casually stepped in front of the first man in line, a big,
burly man who had been there since 6:00 am.  The big guy wasn't about to
let this old guy cut in front of him, so he pushed the old man out of
his way with all of his might!
        The little old man got up, dusted himself off, and walked in
front of
the big burly man a second time.
        Once again, he was pushed away by the big man, yet he got up,
himself off again, and stepped between the big, burly man and the door a
third time!
        This kept happening until finally, a policeman heard the noise
rushed over to hear what the fight was about.
        "Well," said the big burly man, "I was here at the front of the
since early this morning, and this old man had the nerve to just push in
front of me to the head of the line!"
        When asked to tell his side of the story, the little old man
"What that man said is correct. I did push in front of him several
times, and if he keeps shoving me away, I'm not going to open the
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