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Re: [MOL] Have you heard of this?

Sheila, you wrote:

My brother, with newly diagnosed lung cancer, non small cell, stage 111b, is
deteriorating so fast--20pounds weight loss past month. ................
Now saying 2 to 6 mo. versus 6-12.  And all this since feeling some back
pain and alittle weaker only about 6 weeks ago.  .....

Sheila...This does not sound at all right to me...  Were they able to do a
biopsy and what type of cancer have they termed it?  For example; I have Non
Small Cell Lung Cancer - adenocarcinoma...  I am sorry, but immediately I
would ask if he has seen additional doctors for a second and even a third
opinion..??  What type of doctor is treating him now?

I know that I seem full of questions, but I just can't understand something
coming on this quickly, him being diagnosed as a Stage IIIb and being given
statistics like those...  I would love to help you and will do what I
can..but please send additional details...   God Bless you, I know that you
are hurting.....   Carla

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