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Re: [MOL] Enrollment/Dr. Shaw

Hello and Welcome,
                              We have a few that will come on and tell you all
about Mol and just how good a place it is. I hope that you will find Mol a
very caring place. I am responding to you because of your type of cancer. My
dad had it and was told that Chemo would not be affective in his treatment. We
have had a few that I keep in touch with that is dealing with Chemo, and I am
so proud of each and every on for going to all lengths to fight cancer of the
throat. We also have a great guy named Charlie who is fighting Squamous Cell
with the help of Chemo. My dad's brother also has this cancer and he has just
started the fight. I hope that he gets it all in the up and coming operations
and all, but if not I hope that I can tell him about the success of Chemo. I
hope that you will keep writing and let us travel this road with you and help
in any way.                  Gwen
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