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[MOL] Have you heard of this?

My brother, with newly diagnosed lung cancer, non small cell, stage 111b, is
deteriorating so fast--20pounds weight loss past month. Started chemo, one
round, but had such pain in ribs--other side from the tumor mass I think.
They have just told my sister-in-law that the cancer(tumor?) cracked a rib-
thus the pain.
Now saying 2 to 6 mo. versus 6-12.  And all this since feeling some back pain
and alittle weaker only about 6 weeks ago.  They said it must have been
growing for a long time.  Have you heard about the cracked rib from cancer?--I
think bone scan just taken doesn't show metastasis to the bone. I am soooo sad
and mad.
Sheila S.
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