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[MOL] MOL Photo Album

Carla                            Hi Everyone!
Carla & Lillian              This is a list of everyone who has sent in
their photos!
Charlie & Sally             If your name isn't in the list, either I goofed
up, or you
    Charlie & Betty        haven't sent in your photo yet!!!  If I goofed
up, please
Jim & Cindy                 let me know immediately so I can got to work
    Jim & Brittnei           my mistakes!
Joicy                            If you goofed up, please send in your photo
June                            and correct your mistake!  (If you don't
have a photo, just
Les                              a short note about yourself will do fine,
and we'll add it to
Lillian                           the album, and add your photo when you do
get one!
    Lillian & Family       You could also do like Joicy did--she sent in a
funny .gif
Liz                                file of a Dancing Bear (you can still see
it by her photo,
Marty & Barb              I couldn't throw it away when she sent her photo
Don & Nancy
Ross                            Or, you could send in a graphic that you
found on the web
Shiela                          somewhere, that just "caught your eye."
Thanks to Shiela,
                                      I have that pretty rose for our Album
Or you could do like Nancy, if you're the creative sort, and somehow create
graphic for use as a place-holder!  I'd think it would be nicest of all
though, if you
could send in your note telling about yourself, even if you couldn't quite
find one
of the above!

Thanks once again to everyone who has participated,

and thanks once again to everyone who will participate!


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