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Re: [MOL] Radiation Oncologist-Hope


I think you hit the nail right on the head.  In our society today death has
become common place.  So if we are look at our doctors who routinely treat
very ill people and are exposed to death on an even greater scale, we realize
they too have become desensitized to death.  This also may apply to those who
work for a doctor. I think in some cases you need to shock people. If you have
to scream, shout, curse, cry, whatever, to get their attention, then I say do
it!   In the past few weeks I have also learned that I have to personalize
myself with certain staff at my HMO.  I either say and/or do something
tangible that they will remember and hold onto and, as a result remember I am

I think that for all of us, this thing will either make or break us.  I am the
horse that can't be broken and I believe the majority of others on this forum
share this attitude and as such will continue to live many, many more years.
When I read  the messages from the molers, I get goose bumps.  I feel a force
so positive and so strong.  I cannot put a word on it.  But I know you agree.

Your friend,

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