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Re: [MOL] Update to Joicy, Carla, Lillian

Mary Ann! Hi!

I am so sorry you had to miss your trip (that's one I want to take,
too!) but I am so relieved to hear that nothing has changed over the
last year and 1/2, and that your immune system is strong; I've been
worried about you, girlfriend! Now to keep it strong! Also glad you had
a good trip away. 

Sounds like your son is going to have to get a life! LOL! There's more
to do around here than that, but I will say it's been awfully hot this
week. My husband and I took the week off, trying to catch up on things
around the house, but you don't feel like doing much, that's for sure!
I'm actually at the media center at the seminary, and we have a little
too much a/c due to all th equipment and hot lights, but beats the

Dunno why you're not getting Ross's page, though I will say sometimes
it's slow to load. Are you going to: 

Mary Ann, I'm really looking forward to meting you, and we're going to
have a grand time in NY. thnaks for catching us up on how you're doing.
Love, Joicy

John C. Montgomery wrote:
> Hi!  I am doing Okay, thanks for asking!  I went to the onc on July 10th
> (because he wanted me to decide whether to start chemo again or not since
> the malignancy from Dec. 1996 was still hanging around).  I think that I
> told both of you that once he told me to think about this, we cancelled a
> trip to Europe that was to have taken place July 20-Aug.5.  I just didn't
> want to be travelling with chemo hanging over my head.  Anyway, when I went
> back in (this time with my husband in tow) we had a LONG talk with the onc.
> The first thing that he did was to apologize to me for forgetting that the
> biopsy from Dec. 1996 was not clear and at that time we had decided not to
> do anything for awhile.  So, to make a long story short, we are doing
> NOTHING again!!  He said that there has been no change over the last year
> and a half, so until I have some sort of symptoms, he doesn't really want
> to treat me.  He feels that my immune system is strong at this point (or I
> guess things would be changing) and starting chemo against something that
> may not be necessary at this time would only weaken my immune system.  Does
> this make sense?
> So, we spent last week in Santa Fe, NM and had a wonderful time.  Hot but
> not as humid as it has been in Ohio this past week.  And, I figure that
> Monet's Garden will still be there next summer.  After our son's wedding on
> June 19, we may need a vacation!
> Joicy, did you say that you work in the library at Princeton Seminary?  Did
> I tell you that our son works at the Firestone Library there on Princeton's
> campus?  He is working there this summer (until he leaves for London on
> Aug. 3rd).  He has really appreciated the air-conditioning there this past
> week since his dorm is not cool.  One night when I called, he told me his
> entertainment for the evening was to sit around and watch his roommate
> sweat!  Sounds like fun?!?!?
> For some reason I am not able to get into Ross' MOL album website since we
> returned from NM.  I was able to see the pictures at the beginning but now
> all I get is a black page.  Can you send me the web address?  Maybe
> something has gone wrong with that.  I bookmarked the site, and I seem to
> get there, but I can't see anything but black.  I was really enjoying
> looking at his updates from day to day.
> Mary Ann
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