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Re: [MOL] PLEASE HELP:Need Information ...

Dear Apala,

I am so very sorry to hear the news about your mother. There are others
on-line who will likely be able to answer the more technical aspects of
your question, but I am concerned about your blaming yourself. Please,
please don't waste any time beating yourself up, Apala. You are not a
mind reader, and your mother is an adult. You did, and are doing
everything possible, though I know how very helpless you must feel. I am
glad that you are feeling supported by this forum, and hope that you
will continue to share with us so that we can help you in any way
possible. Above all, do not give up hope. If you have been reading the
exchanges here, then you know that statistics are just numbers, and
there are people beating the odds all the time. It is our prayer that
your mother will be one of them, and hope and a positive attitude are
key elements in that. God bless you and your mom, Joicy

Apala Chandola wrote:
> Hi All,
> My mother, who was diagnosed with ascending colon cancer with liver metastassis,
> underwent a surgery to remove part of her colon and then the Docs reconnected
> the two ends. According to the Doctors, in case of reoccurrence another surgery
> cannot be done. On the other front, the liver prognosis is poor as 70% of the
> liver is damaged(both lobes involved). Docs cannot do anything to the liver
> but will try giving her Chemotherapy if she is able to withstand it. My Mom,
> who otherwise is a very courageous woman has been taking all this bravely, so
> far. Not to forget that she was found severely anemic with a very high blood
> sugar at the time of diagnosis.
> My mother was here in US with me until 3 weeks ago without showing any obvious
> symptoms regarding this illness. This was diagnosed once she reached back
> in India. I wish, I had taken her to a Doctor despite of her denials
> to go and see one, when just 4-5 days before she left, she came down with
> temperature. Thinking that this was just a viral thing, she took some
> tylenol and took rest. Over the last two days she didn't get any fever,
> although felt weak and fatigued. Noone can imagine how much I
> regret for that one time when I listened to her and didn't go to the
> Doctor ...
> However, this forum has been a great help to me emotionally and has
> directed me to different sources of information regarding my Mom's
> condition, my heart really goes out to you all. Wish all of your the very
> best in life.
> Since I would like to seek possibilities to get alternate treatments for my Mom
> or have her evaluated as a candidate for clinical trials here in US (pref
> in NY or CA), I would like to know if any hospitals/clinics (Govt or Pvt)
> have any type of free or subsidized cost methods for these clinical trials or
> treatments (even for radiation and chemo) ? FYI, my Mom still is a non-resident
> and may be able to come here as a visitor for now, although I am a US resident.
> You all are pretty knowledgeable friends and some of you may have gone through
> this process as well.
> Is there a way my Mom can get an insurance here which can cover at least half of
> the cost of her treatment ? Since, most of the insurances do not cover
> pre-existing conditions, are there any that do ?
> Thanks, in advance, for your help.
> Rgds,
> Apala
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