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John, you are clearly one of us -- after all, aren't squash and tomatoes
"perfect together?" LOL! Actually, squash was the 2nd veggie that came
to my mind!
Love, Joicy

John wrote:
> Dear Auntie Lil, Shiela, and Joicy,
> OK, I'll own up...I use the same stuff - only I'm afraid that my hare's
> the one that got away!  Regarding Joicy's comment, I thought of squash...
> where does that put me?...probably in a different time zone all together!
> Love,
> John
> lillian jennings wrote:
> >
> > Shiela, now we have three in our club and I have a feeling there's many more out there
> > that just won't own up, have a great day dear one.  Your friend, Lillian
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