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Re: [MOL] Re: Vicci

You are doing great, you know! It is so very hard to hold the line on
these things, even under the best of circumstances. Rich has a chance to
grow into an adult through this, and the more he has to do the "right
thing" the better I think he will ultimately feel about himself, and the
more self-respect he will have. Folks know when they are being a jerk,
and they don't like themselves for it. But sometimes they get "stuck,"
and don't have the discipline to make the change by themselves. I've
learned this from my kids, who have been sharing with me their feelings
about how they felt when we were going through the "bumps" of
adolescence. My son had to join the Coast Guard to get unstuck. They do
know what's right and fair, and even if they fight you, they know you're
doing the right thing for them. So hang tough, Lady! Lots of prayers and
love, Joicy

Vicci Ewen wrote:
> I seemed to have nipped a few things in the bud as this guy has been real
> nice lately.  I do think that he is feeling much much better and that this
> has a lot to do with it. Like Lillian says, I have to remember what kind of
> emotional level he's at.  Trying to digest this whole cancer thing.  I
> still think he's doing a good job of that.  He's back to cracking jokes
> about everything.  I had a another talk with him about how this chemo
> "might" affect him and told him I needed him to be a cooperative as
> possible so that we can get thru this with him.  I know he tries but just
> has a very low tolerance level when he's not feeling well.  I will stick to
> my guns and I want to thank you for the prayers.  Love to you,   Vicci
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