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RE: [MOL] RE: Liz - Photofrin

Dear June,
At least your onc knew about it!  We were very disappointed that our first opinion Dr didn't
know that it had been approved for lung cancer -- he said it's only used for the esophagus!
I think Drs should try to keep up with current advances and trials, period...
Your friend, Liz Gioia 

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Hi Liz:

I asked my onc about this treatment, I have Stage 4 Broncoalveolar and
he said they were using it for early stage lung cancer.  Just my 2

Your friend 	June

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> : 	Donna's Oncologist Appointment  
> Dear Donna,
> I like your plan of action!  Your attitude is so refreshing, you are
> so ready to fight and beat this cancer!
> I'm feeling really silly asking this and please forgive me if I am
> misunderstanding something, but is this trachea tumor of an unknown
> origin?  What kind of cancer cells did they say it was?
> Have you visited Oncolink?  There are many cancer treatment protocols
> and cancer trials that you search there but I couldn't help without
> knowing what type of cancer it is.  Have you given us those details?
> Did Lillian help you with some information?  I know she was asking you
> for this information so that she could some research for you...  If
> your cancer is of unknown origin, I think they treat it depending on
> the location the metastatic tumor is found, upper or lower body.
> With my brother-in-law who has NSCLC, also had a brain tumor and had
> SRS done with X-knife.  We were not sure to go with either Gamma-knife
> or X-knife but after reading the literature on both he went with X
> knife.  Like Marty had said, one of the determining
> factors with SRS is the precision of the equipment.
> I don't know if you've heard of this procedure, but for areas like the
> esophagus they have a procedure called Photodynamic Therapy.  They use
> something called Photofrin (sp?) that is absorbed by cancer cells
> only.  Then they use a laser that activates the chemical, Photofrin,
> that kills the cancer cells.  I really don't know if this even is at
> all applicable, but you can fiind it on Oncolink as well.  Its just
> recently been approved for Lung Cancer so we were batting that one
> around too.
> Well here's are some links:
>	(site is a great place to do research on
> treatment)
>	(this USC's Radiology
> homepage, see "Gamma knife" and also "What's New")
>	(this is UCLA's
> radiology page, see "X-Knife")
>	 (this is Mfr's
> site of "X - knife")
>	 (this
> is the Photodynamic Therapy trial at Penn, info thru Oncolink)
>	  (this site is a short
> TV blip in PDT)	    
>	(this is PDT site)
> I hope this will help,  take care little bear!
> Liz
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> :	[MOL] Oncologist Appointment
> What a day!  I got to my appointment (finally).  When I went to check
> in the
> first words out of the secretary's moth was that my HMO never sent the
> referral.  The HMO set this whole thing up.  What gives?  I had to
> walk to a
> pay phone and call the HMO to have them fax the referral over.
> Anyway....
> This is the scoop.  I liked this oncologist. He really check me over.
> He is
> certain that it has not spread to brain, liver, CT scans and
> exam.
> He thinks this was primary but has requested a pelvic CT scan to be
> certain.
> That is the only test he he suggested.
> Lowdown.......No surgery (he agreed with Hopkins surgeon).  Radiation
> and
> chemo first thing.  Along with Taxall and something else. Starting as
> soon as
> next week. He said that I would have trouble swallowing towards the
> 4-5 week
> due to the esophagus being exposed.  In fact, in all liklihood I would
> not be
> able to eat solid foods for a few weeks.  It would heal itself over
> time.
> Then he explained chemo complications, etc... I explained to him I was
> looking
> into stereotactic radiosurgey.  He did not seem positive on that
> however, that
> was the only thing he said that I did not like.  Very small chance
> that tumor
> would shrink small enough to be surgically removed.  And even then a
> very
> short window of opportunity to remove immediately following radiation
> and
> chemo due to scar tissue build-up after radiation. 
> Now he did not go there, but I did. What about prognosis? 1 year
> without
> treatment, an additional 6 months to a year with treatment.  Although
> he said
> some people go on to live 3-5 years.  He asked if I wanted statistics
> and I
> said NO! He said good because he does not believe in them.  
> My 2 older children are going down to the beach to stay with my
> father(he
> lives there) over the wekend.  My husband and our 3 year old  will
> join them
> on Sunday.  We were only going to stay Sunday and come home Sunday
> evening.  I
> have decided to stay until Monday and maybe even Tuesday.  Although he
> has
> said next week.  I have decided to a) see one more oncologist b) wait
> to hear
> from SIUH about radiosurgery c) check out the University of Virgina d)
> info
> provided by others and last but not least meditate and pray on all of
> this.
> Then and only then do I feel I can make a positive and informed
> decision. 
> Any information and/or guidance you may be able to offer would be most
> appreciated.
> A friend to all of you molers,
> Donna
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