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Re: [MOL] Re: Vicci

Liz and Joicy, I will write to you tomorrow.   Love   Vicci

I was thinking this went out 2 days ago.  See what I get for thinking!  
Joicy, I've been looking for your letter to ask you "how" delete all but
part of the letter, but I guess you just hilight all but the most recent
letter and then push delete?  Ok I just deleted all but the most recent. 
That does work a lot better, huh?  I see where some letter have only the
gist of the letter left.  Are people coping and pasting.  I really need to
go take some basic lessons.  I've got a lot of book from Costco on
computers but have yet to try them.  Seems like something always needs

I seemed to have nipped a few things in the bud as this guy has been real
nice lately.  I do think that he is feeling much much better and that this
has a lot to do with it. Like Lillian says, I have to remember what kind of
emotional level he's at.  Trying to digest this whole cancer thing.  I
still think he's doing a good job of that.  He's back to cracking jokes
about everything.  I had a another talk with him about how this chemo
"might" affect him and told him I needed him to be a cooperative as
possible so that we can get thru this with him.  I know he tries but just
has a very low tolerance level when he's not feeling well.  I will stick to
my guns and I want to thank you for the prayers.  Love to you,   Vicci

> From: Joicy Becker-Richards <>
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> Subject: Re: [MOL] Re: Vicci
> Date: Monday, July 20, 1998 5:38 AM
> Good for you Vicci! Love does not mean being a doormat, and illness is
> not an excuse to act like a jerk. However, there are those who seem to
> grow up with a sense of entitlement, and they will take all they can and
> not think twice. It's not good for them and certainly not good for us.
> None of us like being the "bad guy;" confrontation and setting limits is
> not fun. But things only get worse if you don't nip them in the bud.
> Someone can mistreat you only if you let them. I know you know all this
> already -- just want to support you say stick to your guns!! In the end,
> it is thee kindest thing you can do for him as well. You're all in my
> prayers. Love, Joicy
> ps
> on your replies, you may want to delete all but the most recent message,
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