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[MOL] Chelation Therapy

My Dear FRiends, 

Just received a message from an acquaintance on another discussion
group. Thought this might be of some interest to you.

God Bless
marty auslander

There is a book FORTY SOMETHING FOREVER,  a consumer's guide to
Therapy by Harold & Arline Brecher that will give you the story.
Published by
Healthsavers Press and given to a family membwer by a physician who does
chelation.  You can call 1-800-638-8807 for Healthsavers Press
products.  The
theory makes sense but I have no idea how or if it would help you.  I
think it
is worth further investigation.  I feel strongly that if it is alright
for the
medical profession to be trying experimental things, why is it not
alright for
others?  Especially those with such diseases as MPD who are always
to experiments.  There would be no treatment at all without
experiments.  If a
patient is not getting help with the medical protocol being used, I do
understand a physician's reluctance to try something else, even if not
"approved" by the establishment.  I understand the issue of controlled
but all of those start with an idea which has some validity.  In this
chelation has a track record that is quite impressive in individual
cases and
the whole idea of antioxidents is accepted within the medical

Gene, grandfather of Jason, 22, MF dx 1995
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