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Re: [MOL] How I am doing....really

Dear Sheila,

Jean gave you some wonderful words of wisdom on this very difficult,
painful passage, and there is little I can add. Just know that the only
way to "do it wrong" is to *not* do it. The more you lean into it, allow
yourself to feel it and go with it, the better you will come through it.
And don't let people's expectations get in the way. There are always
folks who want tyou to get over it and move on before you're ready,
because *they* are uncomfortable! which means it's important to have a
safe circle with whom you can grieve (like us!), who won't push you to
"buck up, and pull yourself together" before you're ready. (Of course,
we'll also nudge you along if need be! you know that! LOL!)

Prayers, hugs, and of course lots of love, Joicy
> I am having a hard time realizing he is really gone.  I wish that we had had more
> time.  I want to turn back the clock and make things different.  I know this isn't
> reality.  The reality is I lost my father.  And of course it hurts.  I have never
> really lost anyone close to me before, at least not as an adult.  I am at a lost of
> what I am supposed to do, and how it is supposed to feel.   How long will I have no
> energy, how long till it doesn't hurt anymore?   I know you all can't answer my
> questions, and that it is different for everyone.  I just don't know if I am doing
> it right?????   My perfectionism is coming out full force, like I can actually
> grieve wrong.  Anyway, maybe I am writing this more for myself than for you all.
> Guess I have rambled on enough for now.  I love you guys and thanks a million for
> letting me vent.
> Sheila
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