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Re: [MOL] Radiation Oncologist-Hope

Donna, let me add my voice to the others here, and say you are doing
great, exactly what you need to do! Sounds like you found the right doc,
but also, the docs recognize the survivors, and they know that an
attitude like yours is over half the battle. And they can't prescribe
that, though they would probably like to! Don't ever, ever settle!!

By the way, God know your good heart, and as John says, he has a sense
of humor, too. So I wouldn't worry about that! Love and prayers, Joicy wrote:
> Thank you for the valuable information and guidance that has been shared by
> all of you.
> The radiation oncologist was hopeful.  But I must say by the time I saw him my
> determination had taken over.
> The Appointment went like this:
> I told him the oncologist(his partner) I saw the day before gave me the
> average of 1 1/2 years to 2 yrs. even with treatment.  I said, I want to tell
> you right now that is f------ bull____.  I asked him if I shocked him. No
> reply. He smiled.  I said because I want to shock you, I want to shock you
> enough so every time you look at me you think of my 3 small children.  He
> smiled again.  He said, I will try to get you to 5 yrs.  I said, let's get
> this straight.  When it comes to my life, I never want to here you say you
> will try.  I want to hear you say you will DO IT! I told him imagine your
> boarding a plane and ask the pilot, can you get me where I'm going? The pilot
> says, I'll try.  You decide to board another plane, you ask the next pilot the
> same question.  He says he WILL get you there. I said, who are you going to
> fly with? At this point he smiled and even chuckled...He looked me straight in
> the eye and said I will get you to 5 yrs. if you promise to keep that
> attitude.  I said, it's a deal.
> I needed to share this because I think it is important.  Please excuse me for
> the profanity.  I am a God fearing woman. But I have had it. I am taking
> control.  I felt so good when I left his office.  We went on to talk for over
> 2 hours.  He believes he can shrink the tumor enough for it to be removed.  In
> fact he said, he is confident it can be removed.  He was so positive.  He said
> it would be a hard road.  And there would be many low points.  But if I kept
> my attitude and faith I would do ok. I really liked him.
> For now, I am still waiting to hear from about SRS at SIUH.  I asked to wait
> on treatment until Aug. 10.  He said no problem.  Again, he felt I should take
> the time I needed to make a decision I was comfortable with.
> I have decided God will forgive me for the cursing.  I am a fighting Irish
> what can I say?
> Take care,
> Donna
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