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RE: [MOL] How I am doing....really- Sheila


Hi, my name is June.  I have been watching the posts and just wanted to say I am sorry for you, but not your father.  I too am a friend of Bill's and that is where I get a lot of the strength I need to fight this terminal cancer that I have.  If you spent 10 years with Bill then you know we are not trying to be good people on this earth to end up in the ground.  We believe in a higher power, some choose to call him God as I do.  Your father was probably sitting right there with you watching the show only because he knew it was important to you.  Your father is in a much better place.  My mother died when I was 26 and the first year was the hardest, but I knew how to do it one day at a time.  My father ran away when I was 8, he is either dead or still running.  You had your father for a longer time and believe me he is at peace now.  What helped me the most was knowing my mother was around in spirit.  I had to change places in my mind with my mother and say, what would I want my daughter to be doing down there on earth.  The answer I felt in my heart was, I would want her to be happy and know that I am at peace.  I would want her to take care of herself and her remaining family.  I would want her to seek love by being the best she can be.  I would want her to cry for relief and laugh when she is happy, to get additional help if need be, but most of all I would want her to know that one day we will meet again as God intends.....

Love June