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[MOL] Welcome

Dear Tom,

Welcome to the mol family.  You will not find a better bunch of people 
than here.  I suggest that you put up your feet and relax for one of the 
wildest most energizing rides of your life.  Where are you being treated? 
 I am sure that this group can benefit from some of your knowledge but 
understand that right now you are the patient and along with the rest of 
us, you will get help here on diet, improving the imune system and 
finding that a positive and foward looking spirit is essential to this 
journey.  We are all in the same position of being a survivor or 
caregiver and in the need from time to time for some tender loving care. 
 We also share the need to experience the joy of giving that tender 
loving care to someone else.  

So, again, a warm welcome and I look forward to getting to know you.  I 
too had squamous cell carcinoma of the nose and mouth.  Had 16 hours of 
surgery at Sloan Kettering in NYC that included removal of nose and 
upper jaw, and reconstruction of the jaw from the left forearm (hip bone 
used to replace the forearm bone).  All of that was followed with 27 
treatments of Radiation therapy.  In spite of a biopsy scare, have been 
cancer free and back to work in the business end of cancer research for a 
year now.  A positive attitude, strong faith and support from friends 
here have seen me through every step of the way.  

God Bless.
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http://www.meds.com/forums/consumer.html and follow the instructions to 
subscribe.  Chat with you later.
Tom Shaw wrote:
> I am a 69 year old retired physician, diagnosed with esophageal cancer,
> squamous cell type, upper 1/3 of esophagus, Jan. '98, now T3N1M0. I am
> on extended chemo, now Taxol & Carboplatin. I belong to EC-Group
> listserve, since June and find it helpful. Is this a similar list-serve
> operation? How do I enroll, if appropriate?
> Tom Shaw
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