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[MOL] jokes, 2

* A tomcat tells a female cat, "For you, I would die."
  The female asks, "How many times ?"
                                - - - - -

* Then there was the young female dinosaur who became a "woman".
  She had her first century.
                                - - - - -

* A donkey had an IQ of 186.  He had no friends at all though.
  Even in the animal kingdom, nobody likes a smart-ass.
                                - - - - -

* Did y'all ever wonder why mice have such small balls ?  Easy --
  very few of them can dance at all.
                                - - - - -

* A Mother mouse and her baby were walking by a cave when a bat
  flew out.  "Look Ma !" said the youngster.  "An Angel."
                                - - - - -

* You always hear that a camel can go 500 miles without water.  How
  come nobody's ever bothered to see how far they can go WITH water.
                                - - - - -

* A young teen studying sex education went to the zoo and saw her
  first kangaroo.  As she was watching, a baby kangaroo stuck its
  head out of the Mother's pouch.  "Just as I suspected." the girl
  said to herself.  "Cesareans do leave a nasty scar."
                                - - - - -

* You've all heard of Russian roulette and a joke's been making the
  rounds about African roulette.  How many of you know how to play
  Indian roulette though ?  You're given a flute and 6 large cobras,
  one of whom is deaf.
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