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Re: [MOL] Marth A. -Benefits of Soup?

Dear June,

thank you for that message. This one is new to me, but then of course
there are many ingredients to the alternatives. For $400.00 it is more
costly than a good comprehensive program of maintenance by any of the
four leading immune system clinics in the U.S. Sounds very expensive for
me. Pls be wary of this. Of course you know shitake mushrooms or many
exotic mushrooms can be purchased in most grocery stores. We stir fry
shitake and they are very healthy indeed. As for mung beans, well the
bean family is recommended primarily pinto, and red and kidney for
maintenance of a colonic healthy daily balance especially when on chemo.
Toxicity build up in the body or irregularity adds to the toxicity of
chemo and causes side effects such as nausea and swelling. But these
ingredients can be purchased over the counter and prepared like any meal
and they are recommended by many dietitians and naturalpaths. Save the
$400.00. Just my suggestion.

God Bless
marty auslander

> Argila, June wrote:
> Hi Marty:
> I had the report done by Ralph Moss, Phd and it is called the Moss
> Report.  The first alternative that they recommend is something called
> "Sun Soup" made by Dr. Alexander Sun.  If you purchase it the price is
> $400 for a month's supply.  They give you the MANY ingredients to make
> it yourself but they don't give the exact receipe. (2 main ingredients
> are shiitake mushroom and mung bean).
> I was wondering if you have heard anything about this soup.
> Your friend     June
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>      Thought this might be of some interest to you. We utilize soy
>      products
>      in our dietary daily regimen. We have read much about the healthy
>      and
>      healthful benefits. There are some very good recipes as well in
>      some
>      books say as "Tofu Cookery".  God Bless and have a great day
>      marty auslander
>      there has been discussion of soy products and their
>      helpfulness to deal with hot flashes, etc.  I found a good
>      website
>      regarding
>      soy and it is:
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