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Re: [MOL] Liz

Hi, Liz,

Glad to hear the swelling is going down. I was also diagnosed with
infiltrating lobular carcinoma, at about the 9:00 position, near center.
since this variety is far less common than ductal, and tends to present
less as a lump and more like fibrous sort of tentacles, you are very
lucky they caught it early, and very lucky they could do a lumpectomy!
Mine never did show up on a mammogram (often this kind doesn't), and so
i understand that often it isn't caught until it's a later stage. Good
Lord is looking out for you! 

But also, as your dr may have told you, this type has a greater tendency
to show up later in the othr breast, so you will want to be vigilant.
that's why my onc. insisted I get on Tamoxifen.

That lymph node area does take longer to heal; in fact that whole
process is a bigger nuisance, with longer ranging side effects it seems,
than the darn cancer. they are supposed to be coming up with some new
methods, but not fast enough, if you ask me. And it's only recently that
this whole thing has gotten any attention.

Anyhow, don't overdo, this stuff  takes more out of you than you
realize! Prayers and love, Joicy

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Hi Christine,
> The swelling is going down and I am feeling a lot  better. According to
> what I can read of my doctor's handwriting it was an "Infiltrating, lobular
> carcinoma." At least I think that is what it says. The breast where they
> took the lump is not very sore. It is the underarm where they took the
> lymph nodes that is painful.
> I am also finding that I get tired pretty fast.
> Where was the ductal carcinoma located? Mine was in the 10 oclock position
> of the left breast, right toward the top close to the center.
> >Liz,
> >Just wondering how you made out with the swelling under your arm. What type
> >of breast cancer did you have. Mine was ductal carcinoma in situ.
> >Christine
> Liz P. Of Yakima

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