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Re: [MOL] Mary....

Hey, Mary,

That's a tough call...there is a lot of truth to what Carla is saying.
In fact, re: the school kids, they actually did an experiement where
they took a group of student who were doing poorly, put them in a class,
and told the teacher that these kids were gifted. And guess what, the
kids did GREAT! The teacher was dumbfounded to discover her gifted kids
were actually the so-called "dummies." A lesson for all of us here.

Of course, it still depends on the person. Me, I'm the other way; I
insist on knowing what they think, because I am stubborn and when
someone tells me I can't do something or the odds are against me in any
way, that's when I kick in and fight hardest! I love to prove I can do
what others say I can't do (the die-hard overachiever in me). But keep
in mind, as Ross's test indicated, I am truly "warped!" LOL!

In your case, since your husband hasn't asked, I think I would
definitely follow his lead. It doesn't sound like there is anything to

You are in my prayers, dear one; consider yourself hugged! Love, Joicy

ken naehring wrote:
> You wrote that your husband has not asked about his prognosis and
> neither have you are wondering if you should...  My heart
> says no, my dear...  I think we would all be better off if we did not
> know the statistics, for once we learn them.. we can't help but hold
> them somewhere in our sub-conscious...  Statistics are just that;
> numbers on paper...  The 100 people they use for coming up with
> statistics are comprised of different ages, sexes, attitudes,
> lifestyles, eating habits, exercise habits, personalities, frames of
> minds, stubbornness, determination, goals.. etc.,  (I guess you are
> getting my drift)...
> Anyway, remember that if you don't know what is expected for you to
> don't always do it...  It reminds me of  school..  I can
> remember hearing parents say "my Jimmy is a C student"... "my Johnny
> is an A student"...  I have always wondered if Jimmy was a C student
> because he was told that was what he was... I think that our minds are
> a very powerful tool and that we do our best utilizing that tool when
> we want to do our best.  I think that if there is ever a time that you
> need to know the statistics, then your husband will be the one to
> ask...
> Put all of your effort and love into living each day with joy and
> determination.. I know you are a wonderful support and I pray that
> someone is supporting you too... May God Bless you both.. Love, Carla
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