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[MOL] The Fighting Irish

Dear Donna,

That is exactly the attitude that you need on this journey!  Since your 
doctor showed a rare quality in a physician...a sense of humor...I would 
be inclined to keep him, especially if he spent two hours with you 
talking!  Also, I would not worry about God, I think that He too has a 
sense of humor and appreciates a "fiesty spirit" more than a complacient 
soul!...why elsy would we be called the "fighting Irish"!LOL

You are a very important contributer to this family and I look forward to 
many years of knowing you and learning from you.

God Bless.
DonnaBind@aol.com wrote:
> Thank you for the valuable information and guidance that has been shared by
> all of you.
> The radiation oncologist was hopeful.  But I must say by the time I saw him my
> determination had taken over.
> The Appointment went like this:
> I told him the oncologist(his partner) I saw the day before gave me the
> average of 1 1/2 years to 2 yrs. even with treatment.  I said, I want to tell
> you right now that is f------ bull____.  I asked him if I shocked him. No
> reply. He smiled.  I said because I want to shock you, I want to shock you
> enough so every time you look at me you think of my 3 small children.  He
> smiled again.  He said, I will try to get you to 5 yrs.  I said, let's get
> this straight.  When it comes to my life, I never want to here you say you
> will try.  I want to hear you say you will DO IT! I told him imagine your
> boarding a plane and ask the pilot, can you get me where I'm going? The pilot
> says, I'll try.  You decide to board another plane, you ask the next pilot the
> same question.  He says he WILL get you there. I said, who are you going to
> fly with? At this point he smiled and even chuckled...He looked me straight in
> the eye and said I will get you to 5 yrs. if you promise to keep that
> attitude.  I said, it's a deal.
> I needed to share this because I think it is important.  Please excuse me for
> the profanity.  I am a God fearing woman. But I have had it. I am taking
> control.  I felt so good when I left his office.  We went on to talk for over
> 2 hours.  He believes he can shrink the tumor enough for it to be removed.  In
> fact he said, he is confident it can be removed.  He was so positive.  He said
> it would be a hard road.  And there would be many low points.  But if I kept
> my attitude and faith I would do ok. I really liked him.
> For now, I am still waiting to hear from about SRS at SIUH.  I asked to wait
> on treatment until Aug. 10.  He said no problem.  Again, he felt I should take
> the time I needed to make a decision I was comfortable with.
> I have decided God will forgive me for the cursing.  I am a fighting Irish
> what can I say?
> Take care,
> Donna
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