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Re: [MOL] GBeller

Dear Friend,

There is little I can add to what our dear Lillian and Carla have
written, except to say that you when you wrote:  "what upsets me is
something called cancer was found in my body and I just can't shake
it..." you probably articulated what every person with cancer feels at
one time or another, even those diagnosed as "cured."

We have been betrayed by our bodies, our cells have turned against
themselves, and we don't know why or how or what lies ahead. And even if
we're clean now, then who's to say that down the road...? those are the
demons that come with the cancer package, my friend. It's real stuff.
But I want to emphasize this: everyone is going to die someday of
something, and not one of us really knows how or when! Maybe it will be
of cancer, maybe not!

This was brought home to me one day when I was driving myself to chemo
on a busy stretch of highway. The biggest semi I ever saw decided to
swing over from the right, into my lane, just as a cop was speeding up
on the left. I literally had no place to go, and I straddled the line as
these 2 vehicles thundered past, and I shook as I realized they never
did see me! I should have been roadkill! But I realized then that it
must not be my time, and that I really don't know how or when I will be
leaving this world, and I'm not going to waste another precious minute
of whatever is left worrying about it. The question for me is not when
will end, but what am I doing with th days I've got? And all of us on
this journey have to grapple with this one way or another...

But, my friend, you don't have to deal with it alone! I'm not into
support groups either; went through all my treatments 3 years ago, and
the only time I've been to a support group is the 2 times I was asked to
be a presenter, and I HAD to go! LOL! But now here I am, 3 years later,
with MOL, and for very selfish reasons. I confess it! Me, Ms invincible,
I need the support this group provides (there, you made me say it; gee
that's hard, but I think I feel better! LOL!)

So, before I trip and fall off my soapbox, I will get down and say, my 2
cents for what it's worth! We're here for you, and send our prayers! God
bless, Joicy
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