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[MOL] Debbie

Debbie... Have your doctor help you check on clinical trials in your area and help you to get in one that will fit you.  If your doctor doesn't, then find another doctor...
Clinical trials are not always available to fit our exact diagnosis today, but there may be one next week..  For example, when I was checking in to them.. I was too late for one that was for people who had had surgery, and the others available were for people who had not..  I sent messages to major universities and hospitals and received email back from a researcher at Duke about a trial that I might qualify for...  It was a Phase I and I didn't pursue it, as I didn't feel it was right for me..
Don't give up Debbie... I personally cannot believe that any doctor would give you a 0% chance of living...  I would like to kick that Doctor in the butt!  (sorry)..  I just don't know what makes them feel they can do that.  There is faith, there is God, there is such a thing as a miracle, but I am not sure that you are at the mercy of miracles...  I do hope that you will find some good guidance here Debbie...  May God Bless you and build your determination and faith and may He help to heal you...   With Love, Carla