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Re: [MOL] My Seventh Friend/Mary Ann

Christine, don't be afraid to do of the most important things
I ever learned when doing pastoral training in a hospital was that we do
not have to "fix" things for people. The wise pastor I worked with, who
is still my mentor, would have me just sit with folks, some of them on
life support, where I could do nothing except "be" with them. He taught
me that the act of simply being with someone can be a very healing gift.
You don't even have to say much of anything. You're being there can say
it all. You and your neighbor will be in my prayers. Love, Joicy

Christine wrote:
> I find most of the people I know are #1-6 also. Most people have a
> difficult time knowing what to say to a cancer survivor or person
> undergoing treatments. I, myself, find I have a difficult time. I will try
> to remember that all I need to do is be a #7. Now I feel guilty because
> there is a lady teacher, whose class I used to help out in, that I should
> visit. She just lives down the road. She had breast cancer and now has bone
> cancer. I feel helpless and don't know what to say or how I can help her.
> My neighbour, the minister, visits her and has offered to take me with her.
> I guess I should.
> Christine

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