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Re: [MOL] Lynette

Christine, you are right on the money on this! I just saw a study on
longevity that described some of the qualities of those who lived
longest, and at the top of the list was STUBBORNESS! (which explains the
longevity in my family; stubborness ought to be our middle name! LOL!)

Lynette, tell Les to be as stubborn as he wants -- but over the right
Love, Joicy

Christine wrote:
> Thank you for keeping us so well informed. I have every confidence he will
> improve. Being stubborn could very well be an asset in this fight. We will
> all be praying for him and hope everything goes well with the radiologist
> tomorrow.
> Christine
> At 09:08 AM 23/07/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >Christine,
> >
> >Today Les seems to be listing a lot more on his left side and his right side
> >is weaker his speech is slurred slightly..but we are hoping that the Decadron
> >that he is taking will improve this problem....He continues to have a good
> >attitude...maybe a little stubborn...He will meet with his radiologist on
> >Friday to get more info....thanks again
> >
> >Lynette
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