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[MOL] Donna

You really have a good head on your shoulders!  With knowledge and
attitude, you can beat statistics any day! It's great that you are
taking a proactive stance and exploring all the options available to
you.  No one doctor can know every thing there is to know about every
type of cancer there is.  Find the one that knows the most about your
particular cancer.  Then pound away with the questions and the concerns
you have -- you will build a foundation of trust and respect which flows
both ways.  When you are not happy with the doctor's reponse, let her or
him know so he can tell you why he disagrees with you;  sometimes they
have different data than you have and if it is pertinant to your health,
it's better for you to know -- for instance, if radiation will build up
the scar tissue around your trachea, no amount of information you get
from us wonderful MOLERs about radiation will help satisfy the problem
of scar tissue.  We are here to make helpful suggestions, give you
sources and resources, and you will find a lot of emotional support from
a number of really caring, articulate people.
When thinking prognosis and time lines, think of the day your three year
old graduates from high school, then think of her children who will call
you "grandmother".  Think of the new curtains you want to put up,
whether or not you need a new car next year. Meditate and visualize --
these are things that will be important to you next year or so after you
have worked through the treatments and all the uncomfortable stuff you
have to go through -- especially the complications with your esophagus
-- I don't envy you that!  But there is no such thing as an accurate
diagnosis of time, and I personally know so many people who have beaten
all the odds and are living good, quality lives after living through
months of chemical-induced hell. And each one has a tale of proactive
participation from the get-go -- and now tell their success stories with
a twinkle in the eye.
Keep up the good work and keep us informed!
Your friend,
Nonie Waller
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