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Dear All

I miss you all bunches and have not been able to keep up with you.  Please
let me hear from you in next few days.
Lin let me know about Ron.  I wanted to meet him and give him a big hug
for all the joy he gave to the molers.  John, you were so lucky to have
spent time with Ron.
Sally I've been worried and have had you and Charlie in my thoughts and
prayers.  How is Charlie doing?  How are you?  Is there anything I can
do to help?  Hugs for you both.
Lillian, my ole pal, how are you feeling?  Have you been to sleep therapy
yet???  Tell me all. (not all, but close-ROTFLOL)
Carla, how are you doing?  What's the latest reports from your Dr's??
Did you open your shop?? Let me know about everything.  
Marty & Barb, really missed you both.  How was your trip to London??
I loved London, wish I could have joined you.  How is Barb doing?
John, my dear friend and soft shoulder, how are you?  I hope you
are having a great summer with your family.  Let me know how 
everything is going.
Ross, how's your feet?? Hope everything is going ok for you. 
Les, I've read a couple messages about your latest treatment and have
you and Peg and family in my thoughts and prayers. 
I hope everyone is doing great and I'm not sure I can remember everything
that was going on two months ago, but I've really missed you all.
Today is my birthday, I came home last night and Lin hide Birthday
cards all over the house for me.  Found four last night and three this
morning, he sure knows my habits. LOL
It's been a real hassle dealing with Gene's estate and children.  I find
myself talking with him almost every day.  His birthday was Tuesday
and it was really a sad one for me.
I received a partial autopsy report on Gene. His cancer was microscopic
in size, with no spread to any other organs, the cause of death is still
in question, I have to have it reviewed, his surgery for the fluid on heart
and the results of that surgery are in question. A heart valve was found
in the kidney area, as well as smaller portions in spleen and back of
head. How it got there is the biggie.  Am completing his farm house
and running his business, putting his home on market, trying to cope
with his children and getting lots of experience with attorneys. ROTFLMAO.
Gene was winning the battle with the cancer.  The alternatives did do
wonders for him.  The surgeon came out after surgery and told my
brother and sister that he was full of cancer and he only had a few
months to live if he continued treatment.  That surgeon never returned
my phone calls and I can tell you it took a lot of hairy discussions to
and an autopsy report to prove my point.  Gene shouldn't have died,
he worked really hard to live and was doing a great job.  He drove
himself to hospital, never missed a day of work except for treatment
and per autopsy "well nourished male".  
This cancer battle will be won and if only the Dr's would use their 
brains and combine alternatives with conventional treatment, I think
it could be a big step in that direction.  
That's my lecture for the day.  Just venting and I know even if you
disagree with me that being open minded as most of you are, you
can see where and how I came to these conclusions.
Take care everyone and I'm sending lots of love and hugs your
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