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Re: [MOL] My Seventh Friend

Mary Ann, thank you for this, it's beautiful and so vividly reflects
what is and isn't helpful as we support each other...I hear the voices
of Job's friends in this list; just wish it was more widely known! Can I
ask you where you came across it? I would like to use it in future, and
what to be sure i give credit where it's due...

On to more important stuff -- how are you doing? It is so good to see
you on-line, and I hope that you are doing well...prayers, hugs and love
to you, friend! Joicy

John C. Montgomery wrote:
> I received this in the mail from my support group and thought of my MOL friends.
> My first friend came and expressed shock.
> He left and I felt alienated.
> My second friend came and said,"What ever you do, don't take chemotheraphy."
> He left and I felt scared and confused.
> My third friend came and said, "Perhaps God is disciplining you for some
> sin in your life."
> He left and I felt guilty.
> My fourth friend came and said, "If your faith is great enough, God will
> heal you."
> He left and I felt that my faith was inadequate.
> My fifth friend came and told me to remember that "All things work for good."
> He left and I felt angry.
> My sixth friend never came at all.
> I felt sad and alone.
> My seventh friend came and held my hand and said,"I care, I'm here, I want
> to help you through this."
> He left and I felt loved!
> The seventh friend is definately our MOL group.  There are so many
> wonderful people who are there for those in need.  Thank you to everyone
> who contributes on line, or simply reads the messages and keeps us in their
> thoughts and prayers.
> Mary Ann

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