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Re: [MOL] Opinion & Status

Dear Emmett,

You are not rambling!  What you have said greatly reflects the spirit and 
beliefs of this group.  As cancer survivors and caregivers, we have to 
believe that cancer can and will be beaten.  Each and every day one of us 
survives is testimony to the effectiveness of that belief.  Welcome my 
friend and do not be shy about contributing.  

God Bless.

Emmett Sauer wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I have been on this list since May of this year, I don't post much not that
> I don't read what goes on here but am somewhat shy and really get more from
> these lists by just reading and digesting.
> Any way, I have NSC Lung Cancer, I have gone through 6 weeks of two a day
> radiation along with taxitere (spelling).  The side effects were minimal
> slight sore esophagus and throat, no nausal.  Finished up with the first
> round on the 19th of June, and then problems started, they found out about
> two weeks ago that two lymp nodes in my neck are infected, and my upper
> throat area started welling.  They wanted to start treatment immediately
> but put it off so they could try and get some of the swelling down.   This
> week they decided to start with the chemo, navalbien and cisplatium, which
> I just had day before yesterday and so far the side effects have been
> minimal (no nausal or vomitting).
> My point through all this rambling is that not everyone reacts the same to
> treatments,  heck I have lost very little hair,  I also believe that how
> sick you get from the side effects depends on your state of mind to a large
> degree.
> I feel that if we approach Cancer with the right attitude and treat it as a
> curable disease, it can and will be conquered.
> Thanks for letting me ramble...
> Emmett
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