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Re: [MOL] Donna

As Carla indicated, getting a second and even a third opinion can't hurt and it may be the best advice. Drs rush you into making decisions that to them represent a day in the operating room and a few follow up appointments. You live with the consequences of the discision for the rest of your life.

With all the new discoveries and precedures learn as much as possible before you have to take a step. The less they have to cut, the faster you will be back on your feet. I am not very knowledgible about cancer in general, but I am grateful for the good advice I was given here which was to get a second opinion and that led me to a lumpectomy and ancillary disection of the lymph nodes instead of a modified radical mastectomy. If I am understanding it correctly, there is now a new procedure that would be even less invasive. They are not doing it here yet, so it was not available to me. If I have a repeat situation in the other breast (which they tell me is a possibility since this cancer frequently mirrors itself in the other breast) I will search for someone who does the less invasive procedure.

Look out for yourself. Love Liz

Liz P. Of Yakima
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