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[MOL] more out of the mouths of babes

for the young, and the young at heart...love, Joicy
All true stories...

It was a particularly warm winter Sunday when I took off my 2 year
old son's shoes for his nap.  I asked him, "Would you like me to take
off your socks too so you can walk around in your bare feet until nap
time?"  Instantly his face lit up and he just beamed when he
answered, "Yeah!"  As soon as I got his socks off, he took off running
circles around our house laughing and happily calling out, "Bare feet!
Bare feet!"  My husband and I laughed along with him but couldn't figure
out why taking off his socks caused such excitement.  A few minutes
later I overheard him telling his favorite stuffed bear, "Look, Baloo, I
bear feet just like you!"

My friends daughter was telling her mother how much she liked a boy
in her pre-school class, "Mom, I like him better than pink!"  So my
asked if she was thinking of marrying him when she grows up, the little
girl was absolutely horrified and said, "No, the only one I can marry is

My cousin's little boy had a new teenaged babysitter who had inch long
bright red finger nails.  The 4 year old boy stared at her nails for 15
straight and finally asked her his most burning question, "How do you
your nose with those things?"

My son confidently tells me he knows he's safe at night because if he
needs me, I will hear him on the "momitor."
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