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[MOL] *** High B-6 level may slow heart disease - study

Another message for you day. HOpe I am not overwhelming with all these
messages, but I am encouraged and happy to see that the information to
good health and recovery as a result of many studies are coming to
fruition for all of us to learn and take note.

God Bless
marty auslander

*** High B-6 level may slow heart disease - study

People with the highest level of vitamin B-6 - found in wheat germ,
soybeans, peanuts and bananas, among other foods - have the lowest
risk of heart disease, Dr. Aaron Folsom of the University of
Minnesota and colleagues said. They were actually looking to see if
another chemical, known as homocysteine, affects the likelihood of
heart disease. Some studies have indicated that high levels of
homocysteine could cause heart disease. But Folsom, writing in the
American Heart Association journal Circulation, found no such link.
"I believe that homocysteine isn't as important as some previous
research suggests and that more studies are needed to clarify how
homocysteine, B vitamins and heart disease are linked," Folsom said.
See http://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2555161611-496
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